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Feel free to browse contributions of other teachers and educators. Get inspired on how to realise the open election of class representatives in your class.

Sophia Bonomo, 6th and 7th grade:


"I had only two 50-minute sessions available for the implementation. After coaching with Lisa, I decided to dedicate the first hour to developing the role description. In the second hour, we conducted the first nomination round and then switched to the secret ballot voting. Despite the short time, the execution was overall satisfactory."

  • The collaborative preparation of the role description and listening to the nominations proved beneficial, especially when students felt personally addressed.

  • Unfortunately, the secret ballot led back to the dynamics of old behavioral patterns.

  • To ensure the success of the election, it is crucial to discuss it thoroughly with the head teachers beforehand, making them familiar with the new process to prevent falling back into old patterns.

  • A full sociocratic election is not possible in 2x50 minutes with students that are not yet familiar with sociocracy.

Please use the subtitle for English.

Please use the subtitle for English.

Dominik Dalffolo, teacher:

"We attach great importance to respect and participation at our school. Lisa Praeg gave us an in-depth introduction to conducting the sociocratic election. Since then, we have been two teachers who conduct the election sociocratically in many classes every year at the request of the other class teachers. We now use the consent decision and open election in many different ways: Aim of the project week, purchase of toys, use of class budget. It's a very suitable setting for anyone who seriously wants to involve children in decision-making processes!"

  •  It is important for the children to learn to make joint decisions that are not 100% what they personally want. Away from consent to consensus, away from egocentric decision-making and towards joint decision-making.

  •  As a teacher, it was new to slip into the role of moderator, to leave the decision to the children and not to make egocentric decisions myself. Being open to creative, new results.

  • The class representative teams are really the spokespersons for the class and no longer "my class representative".

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